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Brass Traditions offers distinective brass and copper fixtures,
handcrafted by dedicated and skilled employees, will accent your home with brilliant light for many years.

Brass Traditions lighting is manufactured by Malco Inc. A family-owned company in rural Connecticut for over 25 years.
Manufacturing the highest quality lighting fixtures has been and will always be our goal.

With the quality evident in the Brass Traditions line of lighting fixtures,
choosing Made in USA in not a compromise, it is the right choice.



Antique Brass fixture is darkened and then relieved for highlighting. There is no lacquer. Fixture will darken with time.

Brass Traditions Antique Brass

Antique Copper fixture is darkened then relieved for highlighting. There is no lacquer, fixture will darken, then turn verde green in time.

Brass Traditions Antique Copper

Fixture is painted with a flat black lacquer.

Brass Traditions flat black lacquer

Dark Brass fixture is antiqued dark. There is no lacquer, will darken further with time.

Brass Traditions Dark Brass

Gun metal is a very dark oxidized finish. Starts gray, will darken with blue tint in time.

Brass Traditions Gun metal

Verde green fixture is finished to represent old copper, then lacquered to hold finish.

Brass Traditions Verde green

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